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Kites with lots of lines...
dec_circ.jpg (22 kb)
The Decorators displaying fine static control and style for their 100th festival appearance at Bristol '95.

dec_ftl.jpg (25 kb)
Follow the Leader - the Decorators charm the crowd again.

dec_arch.jpg (18 kb)
6 kites, 3 arches - the Decorators warm up with a precision manoeuvre.

dec_ys.jpg (17 kb)
Another unlikely thing to do with six Revs.

dec_tog.jpg (4 kb)
The Decorators handling a six-pack quite well....

Kites with Two Lines
megt1.jpg (21 kb)
AirKraft, Sky Dance, Flair and In4mation in a grandstand display at Bristol '95

megt2.jpg (26 kb)
There are 16 kites, honest; it just looks infinite...

sirius.jpg (62 kb)
My current favourite two-liner, built by Alan Wenham.

Single Line
aurora.jpg (16 kb)
Wonderfully colourful, Aurora; built by John Eaton and flown by Derek Kuhn.

brockett.jpg (10 kb)
A wide winged creature; painted on polyester/cotton by Steve Brockett.

gecko.jpg (12 kb)
Taken at Bristol 94, a very striking sight.

insect1.jpg (9 kb)
George Peters' Mantis Man catches the sun.

insect2.jpg (13 kb)
Another view of the Mantis.

legs.jpg (28 kb)
Actually, all sorts!

other_half.jpg (10 kb)
I always feel he's trying to escape...

plynn.jpg (26 kb)
Phreddie the Phrog pursued by Octopus and Snapper fish.

roks.jpg (9 kb)
Japanese Geisha style Rok train - by Helen Howes of Raindrop Kites.

slug.jpg (16 kb)
Jaqueline the Sucker Fish, another Lynn monster.

No Lines
dino.jpg (35 kb)
Not quite a kite, but an impressive inflatable anyway...

John Staplehurst : 23/10/96